It’s now

The blog has a new name.

Originally, the blog was based on “Breakfast at Noon”, a regular column (OK, my editors then thought I was really stretching the definition of “regular”) which first came out in early 1998 when Cebu Daily News first saw print.  In 2004, the column moved to SunStar Cebu and ran until 2005, when I had to stop writing and start running.

Recently, I found out that sometime in 2006, an American author published a book with the title “Breakfast at Noon” and had taken the domain  To avoid confusion, this blog is now known as

Which is just as well, since the original meaning behind the title 14 years ago has been lost. Nobody my age really wakes up at noon anymore, even if we wanted to.  Age is an alarm clock and it doesn’t have a snooze button.


  1. Congressman/atty. : I’d like to hear your stand in the planned privatization of PAGCOR / salamat.


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