Impeachment trial causes riot at taxi stand

A riot erupted at the taxi stand of one of the bigger malls in Cebu today, resulting from confusion as to who should get the next cab first.

A man who was second in line insisted that he should go first, citing the House prosecution panel’s preferred order of trial, and explaining that this would, moreover, produce reform in the administration of taxi lines at malls.

The woman who was first in line refused to budge, saying that this violated due process and “fare play”.

The mall manager intervened, ruling that the the woman should get the cab, but a member of the mall’s board of directors insisted that the question should be put to a vote.  The board sustained the mall manager’s ruling.

This should have settled the question but another man, who was seventh in line insisted that he should get the next cab after the man who was second in line.

Trouble ensued when the third, fourth, fifth and sixth in line protested.

Mall management has enlisted the services of their janitorial services department to settle the dispute.  The latter have now taken to calling themselves “janitor-judges”.

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