If any Juan can fly . . .


My tweet last week about Cebu Pacific’s free walking tour of the Mactan Cebu International Airport tarmac provoked some angry reactions from friends who at one time or another must have had participated in it.

It turns out it’s not an “add-on service”, as I tweeted (It’s not?), but normal boarding procedure for Cebu Pacific passengers

So since I’m always optimistic about the airline that carries the name of my province and since we can’t sue to have our province’s name removed (we can’t?), I’d like to suggest some slogans for our dear Cebu Pacific, to reflect the mood of the times.  Especially the mood of my angry friends who keep taking part in that walking tour.

Anyway, “Now any Juan can fly.”  is getting a bit old, and overtaken by PAL’s “You’re not just any Juan, you’re my PAL”.

So here are a few suggestions.

1. If any Juan can fly, then surely they can walk.

2.  Cebu Pacific. We walk the walk.

3. At Cebu Pacific, we walk the extra mile.

4. The ancient truth still holds. A journey of a thousand miles begins with. . .

5. Not every Juan is Tamad.

6. We may not be Asia’s first. But no other airline makes you feel how it was back then.

7. Now every Juan can fly. Just not immediately.

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